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Ascended Social is a spiritual social app that allows you to make new connections, bridge the gap in your knowledge, build valuable skills, and create experiences of a lifetime. Focus on the positive side of social media and give yourself a break from the problems of the world. Sign-up for our waiting-list and get early-access. We plan on releasing on mobile markets and the web.

Gain Spiritual Knowledge and Wisdom

Humanity is only as strong as it's weakest link. Let's help each other rise up and continue to accomplish our achievements through unity and love.
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Meditate on it

Ascended Social is all about your choice. We want to promote the you that you already are. Whether you are on a learning journey or are a seasoned guru, you have the center stage. This platform is all about promoting your positive messages. Frequency is everything and other social media can be so negative, we strive to help make social media healthier by having our content based on positivity. The more positive a post the more popular it gets on our platform, just as simple as that. The best part is that you, the user, choose how positive or negative a post is via voting on it's aura. The posts with a positive aura go up and the negative aura posts go down. You can reverse the order if you are feeling edgy.

Users can follow each other or send a friend invite for a more connected experience as well as chat, and if the user is a premium user, they can have subscriptions directly on their profiles.

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We would love for you to be a part of our partner program. Create memberships and get paid for your content. Monetize your hard work and build an engaging community of followers and fans.



Create posts that express the true you, teach others, share something interesting, or just make a fun mark on the digital world. Then other users determine the Aura, Frequency, and Spirit level of the post and post creator. Great for status updates, news, and announcements.


Events are special posts that allow users to add a location, a start date and time, and an end date and time via our MapBox. Other users can then log that event and it puts them into a list of members connected to the event. Can be used for meetups and groups to plan events.


Search gives users the ability to look up posts, events, profiles, or tags. Search is a powerful way to discover new content and creators, as well as navigate and find existing content and creators. Search is perfect for finding things via tags. Tags are useful for grouping posts, events, comments, or profiles in one search.


Chats can be direct or group and are delivered in a thread-like stream. This is amazing for directly engaging with your audience without leaving the app. Chats can be searched and managed. Chats can also be tied to memberships and locked behind your subscription paywall.


Fine-tuned for balance and comfort

Snips & LIVE Video

We allow our users to go LIVE on video and engage with our fans. This feature can be locked for only members. All LIVE videos will be saved into your current profile's video posts as a Snip.

Snips can be either LIVE or regular. They are simply just video posts that can be navigated by swiping. Snips are in a mobile-friendly format and can provide streams for micro-learning. Snips are ranked the same as normal posts (Aura, Frequency, and Spirit)

Memberships & Notifications

Memberships allow creators to lock their posts behind a paywall system. It creates a spiritual community to build and create memberships. Appeal to your community and grow your audience using our platform. Also, find premium content from spiritual leaders. If you pay for this feature, you get access to an analytics dashboard and other advanced features.

Notifications will remind your subscribers when you drop new content or message them. These alerts are for users that you follow or friend. You get all system and admin notifications here as well

Discovery, Explore & Oracle

Discovery lets you explore different profiles via their frequency, recommendations, and the Oracle system. This is only for user profiles and helps you discover new creators, peers, collaborations, colleges, and users by looking directly at the profiles that deliver positive, spiritual, and engaging content. You can go to the explore to navigate posts in the same way (aura, recommendations, and the Oracle system). Explore mode is great for focusing on the content you like.

The Oracle system is our random recommendation system. Taking notes from spiritual and ancient philosophy and wisdom, having something randomly generated is a sacred and interesting way the universe can speak. Expanding on this, our Oracle system is used to generate random profiles (discovery) or posts (posts). This helps keep the platform from stagnating, with only certain users getting all the engagement. This also gives our users a opportunity to see what the universe unfolds for you.

Aura, Frequency & Spirit

With Aura, you can vote if a post is positive or negative. This voting is the backbone of how Ascended Social ranks and suggests content. If a post makes you feel positive, then vote it a positive aura, or if it gives you a bad feeling, vote it negative.

Frequency can be given via energy transfer. Each free user gets 5 energy credits a week, and premium members get 15 credits a week. You can give other users these energy credits based on whether you think the content they have posted, logged, commented on, or engaged with is spiritual and you like it. If so, give them some energy credits to show your appreciation. This frequency helps rank them in the discovery system.

Spirit is determined by the amount of users that loved the post. This number helps both the frequency of the user and the aura of the post. Think of it as the power behind these two metrics. The love a post gets is converted to its Spirit essentially.

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A spiritual social networking application for the evolution of humanity.
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